Drone Labs LLC Drone Detector

Drone Labs LLC Drone Detector
Detection principles
  • Radio Frequency detection
  • Audio detection
  • GPS detection
  • Video detection
  • Thermal detection (upcoming)
  • Radar detection (upcoming)
Range 1 km
Coverage angle 360°
Constant Internet connection Not required

The Drone Labs LLC Drone Detector consists of the multiple-sensor unit (stationary DD610AR or portable DM610R) and the updatable software that has a user-friendly interface and can be installed on a PC.

A several-node framework can be used at larger areas such as stadiums or penitentiary facilities. Customizable alerting allows for audio, visible, API, SNMP, SMS, and control relay alarm/messaging. GPS detection also enables the Drone Detector to spot a rogue drone operator location.

The system will be augmented by the jamming, denial, and drone take-over functions in the future.