Detection principles

Radiofrequency detection

Optical detection

Thermal detection


Up to 3 km - radio detection

150 m - optical detection

100 m - night mode optical detection

Power supply


Operating temperature range

-30 °C to +50 °C

Coverage angle

92° - cameras

360° (90° x 4) - radio scanners


A complete anti-drone solution, CERBAIR allows you to detect, identify and neutralize malicious drones before they enter your site. French-made radio frequency and optical technologies protect you from all civilian drones. Real time alert and evidence-collection system enables you to neutralize the drone threat thanks to diverse countermeasures such as jamming and net throwers.



• Detection rate: 90%
• Optical real-time tracking of the drone flightpath
• Evidence collection (HD picture, video recording of the intrusion)
• Drone model recognition
• Simplified integration on existing system via API


DW-RF-01 radio frequency detector enables real time detection of signal coming from any commercial UAVs. DW-RF-01 combines unique software and hardware technologies to ensure CERBAIR solutions’ accuracy, long range and the highest level of reliability in any conditions. Our radio frequency sensors are the backbone of CERBAIR’s long range detection solution as they provide unique data on transmission protocols and advanced signal analysis to CERBAIR systems.



CERBAIR software detects, tracks and identifies all types of civilian drones. Our automatic warning system accelerates the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time alerts and digital evidence collection.


  • - Simplified User Interface for smooth integration within your Security room and existing security protocols
  • - Visual and sound alerts when intruder is detected
  • - Target identification with HD pictures, videos and UAVs data (protocol, MAC address) when available
  • - Compatible with DroneWatch jamming systems for automatic or semi-automatic triggering
  • - Location map with detectors placement to ensure visualization of intruders and their precise location
  • - Automatic storage of collected data for further investigations – preconfigured for 1 month duration



Two CERBAIR configurations available:

1. CERBAIR STATIONARY - Durable and stationary protection for critical sites

2. CERBAIR MOBILE - Temporary and mobile protection for events at risk