Black Sage Technologies BST-UAVX

Black Sage Technologies BST-UAVX
Detection principles Doppler radar detection enhanced with video tracking
Range 500 m
Coverage angle 90°
Constant Internet connection Not required

The Black Sage Technologies BST-UAVX detection and tracking system comprises the Compact Surveillance Radar augmented by the Daylight Camera and the Thermal Camera, the Mobile Supercomputer for incoming signals processing, and the software for UAVs visualization and saving forensics.

The system instantly determines the likelihood of a UAV by comparing a candidate’s unique attributes to a library of thousands of pre-trained samples of common UAV types. Forensics data is saved during every interaction and viewed in realtime or post-hoc in a web browser. When a UAV is detected, the long-range video tracker with thermal camera and daylight camera slews to the position of the UAV and follows with precision, allowing close inspection of the vehicle and its payload. Alerts are delivered instantly through email and can be integrated into your established security system or video/incident management system.