Aaronia Drone Detector

Aaronia Drone Detector
Detection principle Real-time measurement of the RF emissions from 9kHz to 20GHz
Range 1 to 2 km
Coverage angle 360°
Constant Internet connection Not required

The Aaronia Drone Detector system incorporates the Aaronia IsoLOG 3D Tracking Antenna (8-sector or 16-sector), the rugged or remote-controllable Spectran V5 Real-time Spectrum Analyzer, and the updatable Software Plugin for the RTSA Suite Software. It can be used as a single-spot version or it can combine several systems in order to monitor larger areas, governmental offices, military base camps, industrial areas etc. Mobile XFR V5 PRO or stationary RF Command Center versions of the system are available.

The software offers an intuitive layout combined with powerful tracking, trigger and display options helping to identify, capture and track any RF emissions from drones/UAV´s.

Each sector/antenna gets its own real-time view, which allows to identify the exact direction the drone is coming from. Customizable alarms or pop-ups guarantees an early warning for the operator/user.